Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Package

This wasn't a GREAT episode by any length (especially following Ab Aeterno) but to me, it set the stage for the rest of the season. This was the beginning of the end; whether you consider Sayid's infiltration, Jack earning Sun's participation, Richard taking lead, the Widmore and Locke facedown. By the end of next week's Happily Ever After (also mentioned by Keamy), everything should have started unravelling.


Along with getting confirmation of Sun and Jin being unmarried, we also realize, sadly enough, that they are as they had always been, back to strict tradition and Jin being run by Paik. But only we are fooled into feeling such way. Sun and Jin really appear to have a different intimate relationship when in private, he'd rather be with her than go to the restaurant deliver the box. She is a priority this time around, not his job. He looks like a priority to her as well, intending on running away with him. This certainly shows hope for 'redemption' on the island.

Now we are also told that Jin was supposed to deliver the watch and the money at the restaurant. To Paik's associate, Martin 'freaking' Keamy! (The first, though unofficial', connection to Widmore.) We unfortunately find out that the money was intended as Keamy's fee to take out Jin. Paik certainly has a knack for knowing things, and we know his attitude towards delivering messages. There certainly seems to have been karma in the air, and irony. Paik takes away the money that would have been used as replacement for the hit fee!

Mikhail remains exciting, no matter where he is... did they say 23 languages?
Mikhail getting shot in the eye... that's what he was destined for I guess.
Sayid definitely acted like an asshole... "Good Luck." What? That's it?

Oh shit... Sun getting shot! Saw that coming a little bit.
Oh shit... Sun is pregnant? Did not quite see that one coming! I expected her to say she was pregnant earlier in the episode. By then, I had dropped that idea, seem I shouldn't have.


Locke seems quite intent on getting all the candidates together. Either he needs them for a specific purpose or it'll be easier to get kill them! Does he really need them to leave the island? Are they something like his passport off the island?
We are given a glimpse of Sayid still being present, his worried "I don't feel anything" suggests he is still 'in there' but just not in complete control - anyone think there might still be hope for him?
One thing that really hit me later in the episode is how Locke claims to be short 3 to get off the island? At that time, he's in 'possession' of Kate, Sawyer and Sayid. With Jin off with Widmore, this leaves Jack, Hurley, and Sun missing from his group. Does this mean that the candidacy still applies when claimed - read: Sayid.

While this is a Sun and Jin episode, there still isn't much Sun and Jin story development on-island. They are getting closer to each other but only end up further apart.

Locke sticks with his one choice motto: "They could have chosen to come with me."
It does not sound like a choice at all. The Abrahamic god says: "If you do not believe in me. You shall be in hell." That is certainly not a desirable choice.

Trip through memory lane as we visit Room 23 - which turns out was DHARMA brainwashing before being Others brainwashing. Was Ben just having fun with Karl or were they also using that room heavily? It's interesting to see how Jin was responsible for identifying EM pockets in the 70s. There's more and more reasons to believe Widmore is not on Locke's side. Widmore mention of him to Locke certainly shows disbelief, and disrespect: You're a combination of myths, ghost stories and noises through he night."

But given that Locke is being deceptive facing Widmore, there's certainly some animosity between the two. Locke claims to come in peace and, while HE may be doing so, but Sayid is lurking and scouting the for package, aka Desmond... the island is not done with him, or at least Widmore isn't.

With a faceoff between Locke and Widmore, and Richard leading the group to Hydra to stop Locke, a reunion between Ben and Widmore seems inevitable... will Desmond step in as well? Talk about a hate triangle!


Teebore said...

I expected her to say she was pregnant earlier in the episode. By then, I had dropped that idea, seem I shouldn't have.

I did the same thing. It was only after she told Jin that I remembered thinking it earlier when they were in the hotel.

Abrahamic god says: "If you do not believe in me. You shall be in hell." That is certainly not a desirable choice.

I'm waiting for someone to call him on this, the whole "yeah, technically, you gave them a choice, but 'join me or die' isn't really a choice" thing. Just to see how FLocke works his way around it.

Talk about a hate triangle!

Ha! Indeed. I'm hopeful that a Ben/Widmore encounter isn't too far off, and that perhaps it yields some answers as to the nature of their relationship, the extent to which either was used by FLocke's grand plan, and how much each knew of the other being manipulated (was Widmore opposing Ben simply because Widmore knew Ben was unknowingly a pawn of Smokey, or was it merely coincidental that Widmore's agenda (anti-Ben, pro-island power for himself) was in conflict with Smokey's?

Benny said...

The whole Widmore circumstances is indeed head-scratching.

When he addressed Locke and mentioned the coming war, one may wonder if he was talking about a Ben-Widmore showdown. But now that Locke has brought it up, Widmore may be expecting a much bigger war... though that would not explain why he brought the pylons... he certainly expected something big.